What Can I Do In New Haven Today - Where To Find Your Next New Haven CT Apartments
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What Can I Do In New Haven Today

What Can I Do In New Haven Today

For those f us that live in New Haven, we tend to forget just how much there is to do in this beautiful city. We have incredible museums, shopping, and gorgeous parks.When was the last time you took the time to actually look at New Haven as a tourist would? Today we are going to revisit our beautiful city and hopefully give you a few ideas on some destinations to explore today. Are you ready to explore our city? Let’s get moving!

We have one of the most gorgeous universities in the world at our footsteps, so have you ever really taken the time to explore Yale Univesity. Why not take a day to just walk the grounds and explore some of these beautiful buildings. In addition, you can take some time to visit the library and who knows you just may get the inkling to go back to school! In addition, if you just head out to Chapel Street, you will come across the Yale University Art Gallery. This is one of the oldest university galleries in the country and holds over 200,000 pieces. It is an incredible way to get out the sun and enrich your life with some of the world’s greatest art!

If you are looking for a way to enjoy the beautiful summer days we have in New Haven, head over to the historic New Haven Green. This beautiful 16-acre park is the perfect place to spend the day to relax and play. This is a great place to take the kids during the day and explore some of the more unusual architecture of the area. In addition, there are usually many festivals arranged here throughout the year.

If you are in New Haven you know there is so much good food around the area. So much so, you may get lost going from place to place. With that in mind, one very smart person arranged “The Taste of New Haven”. These walking tours are designed to teach you about so many f the different cultures and restaurants in the area. You have an experienced food guide who will lead you on this incredible quest and more than likely you will come out with a new appreciation of the local food establishments. And considering you are walking, there is no worry about calories and weight gain, at least for the night!